Department for Integrated Sensor Systems

The Department for Integrated Sensor Systems offers R&D collaborations and comprises multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of micro- and nanotechnology, embedded systems, communication technology, and modeling/ simulation.

The objective of the Departmenht for Integrated Sensor Systems is to investigate concepts and methodologies for smart sensors, their design, interconnection, and application. Integration is understood as a combination of function, system, and circuit integration aspects combined in a holistic approach. Research focuses on system design aspects to create sensor components optimized for system integration which are the basis for innovative solutions in such diverse application fields as environmental monitoring, medical technology, or industrial automation, but also household appliances or cars.

Role and Key Contribution
  • Development of sensors and actuators (NEMS/MEMS) including thermal, vibration, flow sensors, magnetoresistive/magnetic sensors,  thin film sensors and metamaterials
  • Development of communication and network solutions for complex sensor systems: decentralized control concepts on the base of autonomous sensors/actuators and synchronization & localization of sensors
  • Design of device integrated sensors and intelligent sensor systems

Danube University Krems / Department for Integrated Sensor Systems (DISS)

Viktor Kaplan Stra├če 2E
2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria