Resource and Network Development in Austria

Austrian companies are covering a large portion of electronic value chain

In Austria a significant number of international players in the field of electronics are located. These companies are able to cover a large portion of the value chain of electronic modules and devices.  The coverage is starting from design, active and passive components manufacturing, packaging and interconnect solutions up to software integration. All of these companies have significant research and development facilities in Austria.

Task of activities in “Resource and Network Development” in ECSEL Austria

  • Identification of topics with common research and development needs in the industrial community in the next couple of years
  • Focus and aligning activities on these topics for more efficient use of resources
  • Supporting and offering a base for alignment of all available resources in this field of development

Four common fields of interest identified

Sensors Modules: Highly integrated sensor modules that are working in a self – sufficient way.

Materials in Electronics: Development of decent knowledge about material and material combination for electronic devices of the future.

Power Electronics: New high energy efficient electronic modules with high power density

High Frequency Electronics: High frequency communication for “Smart Systems”

Within area of “Resource and Network Development” in ECSEL- Austria these fields are filled with detailed activities for joint R&D topics and necessary partners are aligned to work on these projects. Active contribution of partners and stakeholder in this field is highly appreciated