Embedded Software &
Software Architecture

ARTEMIS was created for improving and extending Embedded Systems activities in Europe, where industry still has a strong position. The main focus during FP7 was on reference design and architecture, seamless connectivity and middleware next to systems design methods and tools. The application fields were mainly in industry - transport sector, health, manufacturing, smart cities – as well as nomadic, environmental and private as well as the public sector.

ARTEMIS Austria was created during the Seventh Framework Programme. These activities in the academic and industry world are well established in Austria.

This resulted in active contributions from Austria in the boards as well as as partner or coordinator in projects.
Now ARTEMIS is a part of ECSEL, together with ENIAC and EPoSS. Through this merger of activities, the field for innovation at the system level is widened.

For this reason, ECSEL Austria was created, based on the three European platforms to show the same activities as in the previous framework programme: to integrate Austrian actors in European as well as national activities, and to continue the well-known partnership in the future.
ARTEMIS will contribute, in particular at the level of increasing the impact of electronic components and systems, through mastering the complexity to meet the environmental challenge. ARTEMIS activities also contribute on a high level to the competitiveness as well as cost efficiency in this market sector.

ARTEMIS Matrix 2.0