Danube Mobile Communications Engineering GmbH & Co KG

DMCE (Intel Linz) develops integrated microelectronic circuits for the fast growing mobile communications market. Especially in the field of RF transceivers for mid- to high-end smart phones and connected devices, mastering 2G/3G/LTE communication protocols, DMCE is one of the pioneering R&D sites: Microchips based on the know-how of the “think tank” DMCE are sold for more than 100 million times worldwide.

DMCE (Intel Linz) lives on ideas and innovations, on courageous and forward-looking products. Behind this there are people who aspire to make the best of an idea, to integrate even more functionality on an even reduced area of a microchip.

Originally DMCE was founded as a research spin-off of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, and is now majority owned by Intel Mobile Communications (IMC). IMC develops and markets innovative semiconductor products and solutions for wireless communications leveraging our unique advantages in the areas of RF, Mixed Signal/power management, monolithic integration and comprehensive know-how in cellular software and systems.


Role and Key Contribution
  • Product design expertise of highly integrated CMOS integrated circuits, core competency in cellular RF transceivers for 2G, 3G and LTE for mid- to high-end smart phones and connected devices
  • System on chip implementation with deep knowledge in the fields of System Engineering, Circuit Design, Firmware, Physical Design and Component Verification. Support of world-wide expanding customer base including all well-known mobile phone manufacturers.
  • Expertise in IP development for Embedded Multi Media Systems and Imaging Solutions

Danube Mobile Communications Engineering GmbH & Co KG

Freistädter Strasse 400 
4040 Linz, Austria