Micro- and Nano-electronics


Micro and nano-electronics has been identified by the European commission as a key enabling technology.

Austria is proud to name many global actors in this field. Within ECSEL Austria these companies and research organizations collaborate across the value chain. The focus of core group #2 is centred around the fields: design technologies, process and integration, equipment, materials and manufacturing for micro- and nano-electronics while targeting miniaturisation, diversification and differentiation, heterogeneous integration. 

Our Vision

Austrian micro/nano-electronics companies, research institutes and related academic organization are main innovators in research and manufacturing of intelligent electronic systems.

Our Mission

We build innovation eco systems for micro/nano-electronics components and systems research, development and manufacturing; including information exchange on research and funding specific rules and regulations (e.g. Human resources, R&D infra-structure, national requirements…)

We support the micro/nano-electronis and manufacturing components and system strategy by guidance in developing of a coherent national R&D strategy to enforce Austrian position of industry and research areas in alignment to international R&D activities and roadmaps. (JU “ECSEL” roadmap,  Horizon 2020, and other national and European research frameworks)

We act as communication platform for national and international research programs in the area of micro and nano electronics components and systems technologies, embedded Intelligence and microelectronics manufacturing.

We foster collaboration across Austria and Europe in the framework of the joint undertaking ECSEL by partnering and networking in the area of micro/nano-electronis components and system including microelectronics manufacturing.We support industry, research institutes and academia in creating new alliances for national and international R&D and pilot production projects.

All key areas are dominantly enabled by micro/nano-electronics; Austrian actors are particularly strong in the following areas