Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership – Austria

ECSEL-Austria is an industry-driven national research, development and innovation platform representing the technology areas of microand nanoelectronics, embedded systems and systems integration.

Founded by the former technology platforms ARTEMIS-Austria (embedded software and software architecture) and ENIAC-Austria (micro- and nanoelectronics) in 2013, it was enlarged by the areas of “systems and systems architecture”, “framework conditions and visibility” and “network and network development” in 2014. MORE ABOUT US

23 Apr

The spring conference 2021 of ECSEL-Austria focused on recent news and trends in the area of cyber security for the i...

04 Dec

2021 EURIPIDES² and PENTA Call was launched at EFECS 2020.

25 Nov

Four case studies were conducted in selected enterprises to investigate the specific impact of ENIAC/ARTEMIS/ECSEL pr...

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19 May


Research and Innovation Programmes for Electronic Components & Systems

23 Jun

Paris, France

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Power Electronics

Material in Electronics


HF Electronics & Communications

Embedded Software for CPS

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Electronic Based Systems in Austria


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Partners & members

The network of ECSEL Austria consists of Austrian Stakeholders, Austrian Clusters and Silicon Alps, the BMVIT RDI Framework and "Silicon Austria" Program and the European RDI Framework.