ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2015

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ARTEMIS Industry Association is delighted to invite you to join the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2015 to prepare proposals for the Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems calls for projects 2015 - including the ECSEL Calls 2015. The Brokerage will take place on Wednesday 21 January & Thursday 22 January 2015 at the Steigenberger Airport hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

ECSEL Joint Undertaking expects to launch its second Call in Q1 of 2015. Besides the ECSEL Call, we also look into other funding possibilities in the field of Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems. ARTEMIS Industry Association organises this two-day event to support the preparation of drafting proposals and meeting the right consortium partners. About 250 participants from all over Europe are expected to attend this event. 

The ARTEMIS Brokerage Event for Call 2015 follows the same format as last year
On the website of the ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2015 is explained how to get the best out of this event. We invite you to generate project ideas, prepare posters for the poster session and prepare a short presentation to attract potential project partners. 

We highly recommend the use of the ARTEMIS Project Idea tool. This web tool provides easy access to and a clear overview of all the available information on cooking project ideas and maximises the opportunities for consortia building.

In short, the Brokerage will enable you to:
> Propose your project idea to potential project partners
> Check project ideas from others to join their consortium
> Work out project ideas to indicative proposals
> Build a strong project consortium
> Build and enlarge your network

Register directly
To ease the registration process for you, we created a personalised link with your personal details already filled in. Please use this link to register for our event:

Week of Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems
The ARTEMIS Brokerage Event 2015 is not the only good reason to travel to Amsterdam. That whole week – Monday 19 January until Friday 23 January – there are interesting events to visit in Amsterdam.

From 19-21 January, the HiPEAC conference will take place, which is the European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for Embedded and general-purpose systems. A summary of this event will be presented on the second day of the ARTEMIS Brokerage.

On 23 January you can stick around for the EPoSS Brokerage Event, which will take place at the Steigenberger Airport hotel, subsequent to the ARTEMIS Brokerage.

Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from these events; book your flight today and visit the Week of Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems in Amsterdam!

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