European Nanoelectronics Forum 2015 - 'Innovation Award' Competition

Dear FP7 Participants,
It is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate in the 2015 'Innovation Award' Competition which will take place at the European Nanoelectronics Forum
The European Commission is going to reward the most innovative idea developed under the FP7 projects. The competition is open to any participant or group of participants in a project. Thus, several proposals can be submitted per project.
The submission is easy. Simply complete the template attached and send it by the end of 31/10/2015 to the following e-mail addresses: and No scientific publication is required, but your project should have several significant results worthy to report on!
The evaluation will be done using the following criteria:
•Concept and Value: score 1-5
•Demo of innovation: score 1-5
•Feasibility, Delivery and Impact: score 1-5
The prize will be a token of innovation excellence – and the token will be the first ever. It will be handed out on 1st December by Mr Khalil Rouhana, Director of Directorate A, Components and Systems, European Commission DG for Communications Networks, Content & Technology.
We will use the materials to promote the richness of the technology that is developed in our area and the significant importance that it has for the economy and the EU citizens.
Please distribute this announcement widely within the consortium and promote active participation.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Berlin,
Kind regards,
Head of Unit
European Commission
Unit A4 - Components

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