ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs - I4MS 2015

Brussels, Belgium

I4MS 2015, May 22, Brussels

ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs   I4MS- ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs, the Digital Innovation Initiative funded by the EU, together with EFFRA- European Factories of the Future Research Association and the unit Complex Systems and Advanced Computing of Communication Networks, Content and Technology Directorate General is organizing an event on 22nd of May in Brussels:

I4MS 2015: Enhancing digital transformation in manufacturing SMEs
It aims at exploring the progress achieved by the I4MS initiative and its impact on SMEs and mid-caps. The success stories of I4MS will focus on process innovation through digital technologies such as simulation, modelling and data-analytics, robotics, advanced lasers & smart sensors, cyber-physical systems & Internet of Things.   The European Union invests in innovation initiatives helping SMEs and mid-caps across the economy in digital value creation. I4MS work is built around a network of competence centres which provide services such as access to infrastructure, knowledge, dissemination to experiments lead by manufacturing SMEs. Through this network, manufacturing SMEs, both users and suppliers, can benefit from the necessary support to uptake novel ICT. To date I4MS has achieved over 80% industrial participation. An initial participation of 80 SMEs has now grown to 150 as momentum continues to build. I4MS phase two will take this success further through additional projects supported by a budget of approximately EUR 35 million.  

At I4MS 2015 participating SMEs will present their experiences, results achieved and impact made. They will explain how they have benefited from the I4MS initiative and what the adoption of innovative ICT has meant for their business.   

Action at national and regional level supported through activities such as the Smart Specialisation (S3) Platform presents a good opportunity to reach out to and involve the diverse landscape of European SMEs. The participants will be introduced to a new activity designed for such upscaling where existing competence centres complemented by emerging digital innovation hubs can bring to the organic growth of a Europe-wide innovation ecosystem.

For further information please visit our website or I4MS event website where you will find the Agenda. To register, please click here.  

*I4MS is a EUR 77 million initiative of the 'Factories of the Future' partnership designed to support the adaption of innovative ICT by SMEs. I4MS brings manufacturing SMEs directly into research and innovation projects, introducing them to innovative technologies and supporting the adoption of such technologies.  

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