Smart Systems Industry Summit 2015

Lamot Mechelen, Belgien

Meet the future on October 20th, 2015!

One day to get updated on all the local expertise and to get sneak preview on what the future will bring in the domains of  "Smart Health", "Smart Vehicles", "Smart Home and Cities", "Smart Vision", "Smart Security" and "Smart Power" !

The Smart Systems Industry Summit is an international conference and exhibition on Smart Electronic Systems. The conference, organized for the third time this year, will offer a stage for the companies and organizations of the embedded eco-system to highlight their achievements and realizations in the different application domains.

The conference program

The presentations are given in 4 tracks in paralel and will focus on 6 Smart domains: Smart Health, Smart Vehicles, Smart Home and Cities, Smart Vision, Smart Security and Smart Power.
For the moment, the program is being finalized, but you can already check the confirmed presentations on the SSIS2015 website!

First Keynote Confirmed !

We are happy to announce that our first keynote speaker has confirmed for the SSIS2015! Mr. Cees Links, Founder and CEO of GreenPeak Technologies will open the lecture part of the Smart Systems Industry Summit on October 20th !

What is the template of the IoT?
The relevant IoT discussion is not so much about sensors or about communication standards, the IoT is about data collection, analytics and self-learning systems that can quantify life in such a way that better and more timely decisions can be made. Real IoT applications for the consumer are “things like” lifestyle coaches, home butlers, caretakers, etc.: applications that produce value in our daily life providing more security, more comfort, use less energy, cost less. This way the IoT becomes a new source for wealth creation in our complex society and in our complex lives.

The exhibition floor

A number of companies will  be waiting for you on the exhibition floor to show and discuss their applications and latest achievements. Here is a list of the companies that already confirmed their presence:

More info on the SSIS2015 website!

There are  still some spaces left. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact the conference management for more details.


All the info on pricing and registration can be found on the SSIS2015 website


Participants, who are members of ME2C or members of ECSEL-Austria are granted special conditions. Please register as "associated members of DSP Valley".

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