The Industry Association partners of ECSEL are again in the process to create an updated version of the ECSEL Multi-annual Research and Innovation Agenda (MASRIA) for 2017. This MASRIA will then be the input to next year’s work program in the ECSEL call.

The chapter team for Smart Mobility has added all suggestions for extensions/modifications we received so far. We would like to invite you to review the current draft of the smart mobility chapter and email us your suggestions how to improve this chapter of the MASRIA.

Below you find the current version of the Smart Mobility chapter text (Word file) and the roadmap activities (Excel file) for Download (ECSEL-Members only, please log-in). Please use change mode in the Word file to add review remarks/additions/changes, mark changes in the Excel file in coloring the field with changes in yellow and send your input to until August 25th, 2016.

The smart mobility chapter team will try to combine our inputs into a final draft version of the MASRIA chapter until beginning of September 2016. Please be aware, that the chapters must not exceed its current page size, we will therefore have to shorten texts and combine ideas.
In Sep 2016 all chapter teams will get together to harmonize the chapters to a draft version of MASRIA 2017.

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