Review - ECSEL-Austria Conference 2017, Oct 18, Graz

Top-class conference on microelectronics in Graz

ECSEL Austria Event: Encourage research and intensify cooperations

More than 90 international experts met at this year’s autumn event of the ECSEL-Austria technology platform on October 18 at the Messecongress in Graz. Silicon Austria Labs, the future research center for microelectronics (electronic components and systems) in Austria, was one of the main topics of the event. "We are already able to present unique technology companies and research facilities in Austria on the basis of an international competition. We need Silicon Austria as a lighthouse project that bundles these efforts under one roof to remain competitive in this highly dynamic market," explains Dr. Josef Affenzeller, chairman of ECSEL-Austria.

Strengthen European co-operation

Henri Rajbenbach, Director-General for “Communications Networks, Content and Technologies”, emphasized the need for intensifying the Europe-wide cooperation in this field. According to Klaus Bernhardt, Board Member of ECSEL-Austria, there could be a certain amount of risk to fall behind the US and China on a technology political level. "Both countries consider microelectronics and electronic systems as strategic key industries and, in contrast to Europe, protect them against foreign competition." Therefore it is essential for Bert de Colvenaer, Executive Director of ECSEL Europe, to cooperate within the framework of the European ECSEL community to create a more competitive industrial base.
Michael Wiesmüller from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) summarized the importance of this interaction between national initiatives and European cooperations for Austria as a business location: "With our strong participation in the Horizon 2020 research program, ECSEL and the Silicon Austria Labs, we want to create a world-class ecosystem for electronic systems in this country."

In addition to the presentations and panel discussions, a poster exhibition on ECSEL success stories as well as products resulting out of these projects were shown during the conference and also made availabe to the participants of the EPoSS Forum 2017, which took place October 19-20 at the same Location. 

The day closed with an atmospheric evening reception at the invitation of Mayor Nagl in the historic town hall of Graz.

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