Young Academics - Winners Awards 2021

The ECSEL-Austria technology platform supported 3 Master's theses on the topic "Electronic-Based Systems" with focus on "Society & Environment" this year. The expert jury chose the following 3 theses as best and rewarded each with a financial contribution of €2.000,-.

1.  "Untersuchung und Validierung der Stabilität der Photovoltaik-Integration in ein Mittelspannungsnetz auf der Grundlage von PHIL-Tests" - Ms. Carina Lehmal, TU Graz
2.  "Reliability of copper-fiber reinforced laminates found in printed circuit boards" - Ms. Katharina Ruderes, Montanuniversität Leoben
3.  "Fault injection in Analog, Digital and RF Blocks within a FMCW Radar using SystemC" - Mr. Eranyan Ravanan, Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Infineon Austria)

The official awarding of the winners took place on the occasion of the ECSEL-Austria fall conference " "Sustainable Society: Move Data, not People" - Positioning Europe on 18 October 2021 at Hotel Andaz in Vienna. Mr. Stefan Rohringer, chairman ECSEL-Austria, presented winners and personally handed over the awards to Ms. Carina Lehmal and Ms. Katharina Ruderes as well as to Mr. Eranyan Ravanan, attending virtually.

Once more - our warmest congratulations!

Photo credits: ECSEL-Austria/Kurt Keinrath

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