Young Academics

Call for Bachelor and Master Theses /
Focus Society & Environment

The ECSEL-Austria technology platform is planning to support 3 Bachelor/Master theses on the topic "Electronic-Based Systems", which focus on Society and Environment. ECSEL-Austria aims to contribute to each thesis with 2,000 Euros. ECSEL-Austria will present an award for the best topic/thesis during an official event.


Topics for your thesis:

Electronic-based systems* and digitalization as enabler to overcome burning societal issues and challenges

for example:

  • Circular ecomony
  • Smart farming
  • Energy saving
  • Security & Safety
  • Alternative mobility solutions through autonomous systems
  • Charge management innovations
  • Digitalization
  • ...


  • Innovation level
  • Knowledge gained or benefit for the user/customer
  • Societal, social or ecological impact
  • Commercial use/potential/exploitation – marketability, e.g. economic feasibility, patentability, applicability of results
  • Written presentation of the project – comprehensibility/clarity, completeness, traceabitliy of argumentation

Who can participate?

Students writing a BA/MA thesis at a recognised Austrian university/university of applied sciences as well as Austrian companies or ones located in Austria (subsidiaries abroad are excluded).

Which theses will be accepted?

Thesis topics that have been submitted to and approved by the supervising professor, theses in progress or submitted theses that have not yet been completed or graded, however, will be considered.


The Jury

  • DI Peter Caldera, MaxLinear Austria Gmbh
  • Dr. Helmut Leopold, Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • Dr. Michael Paulweber, AVL List GmbH
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pribyl, Joanneum Research

Your Abstract

describes first results/objectives/targets and meets/refers to the above criteria on 3 to 5 A4 pages in German or English


The deadline for submission is 26th September 2021.
Submission may be made in German or English.

* Electronic-Based Systems (EBS): ECSEL-Austria has coined this term in Austria to be able to describe both electronic components and modules as well as the embedded software including upstream products. EBS are used (in a range of dedicated forms) in all key technologies.

Application Form:

Please upload an abstract of your thesis describing first results/objectives/targets and meets/refers to the above criteria as PDF file

(3-5 A4 pages in German or English, file size max. 5 MByte)

Language of your abstract*

Personal details:

Academic degree of this study programme*

Please note:

By applying for submission, you agree that you will present your topic/thesis at an ECSEL-Austria event upon invitation by ECSEL-Austria and consent to the possible publishing of your name and topic on ECSEL-Austria’s website and other media.